CoP Winter School Homburg (Germany) 2014 – day 4

So this was day 4 at the CoP Winter School in Homburg, with duty piper and drummer at 7am, so as to give everybody enough time to get out of bed, and under the shower before breakfast at 8am. Morning meeting at 9am, classes starting at 9.30am until noon! After lunch we dressed up for a group photo in front of the building, before forming up for the parade into Homburg. A large audience was waiting for us at the market place, we played for half an hour and then headed back to the youth hostel. After supper PM Barry Donaldson gave a lecture about pipe bands, and we finished off the day with some live music, performed on pipes and drums! Great fun, aye!

City of Basel Caledonia PB-1 City of Basel Caledonia PB-2City of Basel Caledonia PB-3Barry Donaldson-1Barry Donaldson-3Barry Donaldson-2


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