CoP Winterschool 2013 – Homburg (Germany) – day 3

Time flies, as they say! Day 3, almost done, starting off with a couple of hours piobaireachd tuition in the morning. Our class is still working on “The Munro’s Salute”, which we will perform on Saturday night, during the closing ceremony. After lunch, we assembled in front of the youth hostel for the official group picture outside. We then marched off, some seventy pipers, drummers and drum majors, escorted by two police officers. After the parade, we had a quick drink in town, before rushing back to the youth hostel for a last hour tuition, followed by supper. Now everybody is relaxing, very few are already asleep, but most of us enjoy the evening down at the bar, listening to our own guys playing … couldn’t be any better! And finally, here are some of our today’s pictures, more to come!ImageP1020214 P1020224 P1020232


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