CoP Winterschool 2013 – Homburg (Germany) – day 2

It’s late at night, again, and the piping and drumming still goes on, downstairs at the Homburg youth hostel. After a hard day’s work, this is definitely a good sign! We are together for two days now, with our teachers from Scotland, it seems all classes are progressing very well, and we look forward to the parade through the town of Homburg tomorrow afternoon. And for those who would be around on 23 February, don’t miss the public event at the youth hostel here in Homburg, our final concert on Saturday night, starting at 19.30 hrs! All students and teachers will play, and all CoP Winterschool classes will get together to finish the night as massed band! And finally, at the end of these few lines, some pictures, taken today! More to come, soon …

P1020190 P1020192 P1020194 P1020195 P1020196 P1020200 P1020202 P1020203 P1020204 P1020205

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