CoP Winterschool 2012 in Homburg – review of closing ceremony

The ending of a Winterschool is always a very special moment, for everybody and from all classes. Besides tuition in order to improve their skills or to take an examination, all students work hard during a whole week to set up a public closing ceremony. Homburg youth hostel is such a great place for this kind of event, as you can see from the pictures just below. So Friday is basically the day when everybody is getting ready for the big night, for some students it’s their first appearance in public, for others and no matter how many times they did it before, it still remains a thrill! To my opinion, the concert was a great success, it was a fantastic night, and so was the party after the show going on for hours!

Sadly, the following morning, there is the good-byes, but that’s probably part of the show … the daily routine at the Homburg youth hostel is on again, until the next CoP Winterschool from 17-24th February 2013. For more details or inquiries, check the website

With some photographs of the “last night”, I’d like to close down this block, thanking everybody involved!

See you next year, aye …

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