CoP Winterschool 2012 in Homburg – day 5 – update 2

It’s about time to publish an official picture of this year’s CoP Winterschool, teachers and students all together, lined up in front of the youth hostel in Homburg. Just have a look at them, the youngest in the lot is just 11, the oldest some 67 years!

It’s a well-known fact that there is musicians in a pipe band (i.e. the pipers), and there are drummers as well. The drumming instructor this year is again Jim Clark, and I was surprised when he asked me to come to his class this morning to take a couple of photographs, and uploaed them to this blog! Well, I hesitated … just scroll down, and find out for yourself!

We have just had the privilege to hear David Winton perform here at the CoP Winterschool, a Grade 1 piper with ScottishPower Pipe Band, working for pipemaker R.G. Hardie. David was not only in Homburg for a recital, but also handed over a superb set of R.G. Hardie pipes to the lucky raffle winner Michael Purpus, who had bought a series of 5 raffle tickets at 1€ each!

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