CoP Winterschool 2012 in Homburg – day 3

Had to get up early this morning, Linda Weis and myself were the duty pipers, although I had decided not to play pipes on that occasion, but my “Capitan” bombarde from Brittany. So we had to tune Linda’s pipe down to 440 hz, but still managed to start at 7.00 hours sharp. And of course we played music from Brittany, a well-known and much appreciated An Dro! After a strong cup of tea and some breakfast, business as usual until lunch. Right after that,  the official “Winterschool 2012” picture was taken in front of the youth hostel, and shortly after assembled to form up for the parade into town. Escorted by police, we were some sixty guys in rows of five, the drum majors leading is through the streets of Homburg. We formed a big cercle at the central place and gave a short concert of about half an hour under blue sky and sunshine, in front of a lovely crowd! Back at the youth hostel, we rushed into our class rooms, and after a short dinner break, we once more sat down around the table with our instructors to go through the tunes we have been working on for three days. And some of us slowly started to realize that there is just three more days left … better enjoy every single minute of ’em! Aye …


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