CoP Winterschool 2012 in Homburg – day 2

Reveille 7.00 am again, too bl… early if you ask me, after an incredibly short night! Nice breakfast among friends, followed by the daily morning briefing, and off to piping and drumming courses. There are ten different courses for beginner, intermediate and confirmed piping, drumming and pipe majoring students, you just name it, it’s all here and all day long, with free coffee breaks at 10.00 am and 3.00 pm. At 4.00 pm outside the youth hostel, we had band practice again, including marching under the supervision of Billy Jordan, one of the world’s best drums majors. After dinner, Robert Wallace played piobaireachd, followed by some Highland dancing, performed by Susy Klinger, with instructor Thomas Schalla on the pipes. And to finish off the evening, we had a nice piper’s céilidh, and again a couple of drinks, of course! Can’t ask for more, aye!


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