CoP Winterschool 2012 in Homburg – day 1

Monday morning, reveille at 7h00, played by “volunter” Matthias Kühn. Everybody, probably, had a quick shower, then rushed down for breakfast! At 9h00, we had the usual morning briefing, and shortly after we all joined the teachers for the first couple hours of piping and drumming classes. The first day is always the busiest, many things have to be sorted out, like getting everybody in the right class and sorting out the music we work on during this week, aiming the big audition on Saturday! Besides that, we started preparing the parade on Wednesday, from the youth hostel down to Homburg. Almost fifty different pipes and chanters to be tuned and balanced, quiet a challenge for the instructors!

And yes, the “boss” Robert Wallace (CoP Principal) flew in this morning, back from the US, where he had been judging as an adjudicator at the Metro Cup.

First lecture, this evening, certainly one of the most important ones, dealt with bagpipe maintenance, Willie Park convinced us once more how important it is to take good care of one’s instrument.Day1 ended with a couple of drinks, call it socialization if you want, but it’s probably a hell of an important part of it as well!

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