Glasgow – October 2011 – back to the College of Piping! (update Oct 19)

What a lovely day under a big blue sky … I felt the best thing to do was getting up early enough for a walk through the city right after breakfast, to take a couple of pictures in the western area called
Hillhead. It is rather cold here at this period of the year, and fall is everywhere, most of the leaf has come off the trees, and people in the streets wear coats, scarves and caps!

My first “move” of course was over to the College of Piping, for two hours of lessons with Jim Wark. We went through a strathspey and stared working on a new piobaireachd … and I now have plenty of homework to do, in order to pass a level 3 PDQB examination in February next year, at the CoP Winterschool in Homburg (Germany).

This afternoon, I finally managed to steal away from the CoP, for a nice walk through Glasgow, not spending too much money, twenty quid, which I believe isn’t too bad, considering there is some big shopping centers, and loads of shops around. I remembered today was curry evening at the “Big Blue Bar and Restaurant” on the banks of the River Kelvin, so to finish my work for the day, I enjoyed a great green chicken curry!

Hope you enjoy the pictures below, and remember, stay tuned, there’s more to come!

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