Glasgow – October 2011 – back to the College of Piping! (update Oct 18)

I woke up very early this morning, must have been 6 o’clock, not really understanding why I couldn’t sleep anymore. Seconds later I realized it was the smell of cooked breakfast, eggs and bacon, three floors below! Unbelievable, my nostrils alarmed my brains that there was food available downstairs. And of course, same as yesterday the strong autumn wind, and the rain hammering on the windows again! Luckily, nobody worries nor cares about rain and showers over here, so I forgot about the
heavily loaded sky rather quickly.

Another great day it was at the College of Piping, where I had the chance to get instructed by Jim Wark. Great guy, good piper and above all somebody who knows what he’s talking about! We went through some light music first, and then focused on piobaireachd, and I felt the two hours tuition were far too short, so I’ll be happy to sit opposite to Jim tomorrow again.

Late afternoon, it was a short ride over to Robert Mathieson’s Kilt Centre / Pipe Box in Hamilton, and I was quite happy to see Robert is as busy as ever. Thank you for your hospitality, and the scores of my favorite reel, John Morrison of Assynt House by P/M Peter MacLeod.

To finish off the day, I had a nice meal with a couple of friends at Crabby Macs, Otago Street Glasgow … don’t miss out this new restaurant, if you ever you are around.

More to come, soon …stay tuned!

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