Glasgow – October 2011 – back to the College of Piping! (update Oct 17)

… woke up in the middle of the night, when heavy rain started hammering against the windows of the hotel room, sounded like tons of water falling were falling on Glasgow! And it wasn’t any better this morning, when I finally had to get up, for a full Scottish breakfast, and a strong cup of tea. A short walk over to the College of Piping, greeting Garry, Willie, Ian, Robert, and some of the students I know, and then I started working with Ally Henderson! MSR, again and again, one hour lunch break, a hot and spicy sandwich, and back to class, until 4 p.m.! The colour of the sky hasn’t changed yet, and the shop manager at Costa’s where I had a coffee and caramel shortbread made it quite clear when he pointed out that it is “raining all the time in Scotland”, except on those days, of course, when sun is shining. And I’d some more gossip pretending that things can only improve, which is valid for my piping as well! I finally left the CoP, for a wee walk through West End, stepped into a book shop and a bakery, before allowing myself

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