Glasgow 2011 – a trip to the World Pipe Band Championships, and to the city where it all takes place!

Saturday, 13th August, 23.00 hrs … finally back home! Thanks to all the friends, up in Glasgow, there’s too many of you to start putting down names! Cu soon

Saturday, 13th August, 20.00 hrs … I always loved flying and still do, but I hate hanging around at airports! Today it’s Schiphol in Amsterdam, thank you KLM for cancelling that flight to LUX.

Saturday, 13th August … and that’s it for the World Pipe Band Championships 2011 … I was happy to participate, whatever the result!

As mentioned in a post earlier today, we did not qualify, mainly because the College of Piping band with us six pipers from Switzerland and Luxembourg only had three rehearsals this week. But as PM Ian Watson mentioned, a couple of changes are due to happen, so let “phase two” begin. So long WPC 2011, hope to back next year!

Just back from the Green, we have done a fantastic experience, even if we did not qualify! It was just great being out there. Thank you to all who made this possible, Ian, Willie, Barry, and the members in the band! Hope the adventure continues, so let there be a “phase two”¨! Cheers …

Saturday, 13th August … off to Glasgow Green, to the Worlds. Hope we don’t need the rain cape!

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