Glasgow 2011 – a trip to the World Pipe Band Championships, and to the city where it all takes place!

11th August 2011 – Things are getting a wee bit more serious for us, here in Glasgow with the College of Piping T&D Band.There’s only one and half day left before the qualification run down on Glasgow Green, where we are competing in grade 4B.

We have had another rehearsal at the College of Piping tonight, things are getting clearer. The goal is of course to pass the qualifying so as to show up again Saturday afternoon for the competition itself. Tension is slowly building up, which is probably not too bad, but let’s keep control. Hard work has been done, for me that and some of my mates that means three hours per day, with great teachers, so we are all quite confident!

But most important is probably enjoying the music, not only the one we play, but also the many concerts going on this week. My last one, as a spectator, will be the Chilli Pipers gig tomorrow night, at the Old Fruitmarket. Thanks again, Kevin Chilli Piper, for the invitation, I’m really looking forward to this one.

And to finish off, just let me post some more photographs, showing the “inside piping world”, so as to illustrate what we are experiencing.

Feel free to comment … I’ll get back to you soon!

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