Glasgow 2011 – a trip to the World Pipe Band Championships, and to the city where it all takes place!

Monday, 8th August – First day at the College of Piping, where I had three hours of individual tuition! My teacher is Barry Donaldson, a great guy and fantastic piper. I guess he knows more about piping than anyone else I met the last couple of years! Anyone interested in learing the pipes should definitely come to Glasgow, and make the same experience! Tomorrow, on Tuesday, the program is more or less the same, but right now, it’s time to take a break, have a nice meal, with lots of friends around the table! Couldn’t be any better … so cu soon.

The College of Piping-Ottago Street Glasgow

having a coffee break at Costa's

view from Ottago Street onto river Kelvin-Glasgow

river Kelvin-Glasgow


Central Station and Argyle Street-Glasgow

Argyle Street and Glasgow Cross-Glasgow


summer sky over High Street-Glasgow

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