Glasgow 2011 – a trip to the World Pipe Band Championships, and to the city where it all takes place!

Brilliant sunshine this morning over Luxembourg, what a perfect way to start the day off! Everything is ready, so let the adventure begin. I have an exciting week of piping ahead, with the “Worlds” coming up on Saturday, 13th August 2011 on Glasgow Green! That means nothing less than five days at the “College of Piping” in Glasgow, a week in good company, with fellow pipers from Luxembourg and Switzerland, all aiming to integrate the College of Piping Training & Development Band!

Today’s schedule, in a couple of hours, is flying from Luxembourg to Amsterdam, and onwards to Glasgow! I’ll keep on posting, the next hours and days, including photographs of the journey, just check this blog regularly, and don’t miss any of the highlights of this promising and thrilling trip to Scotland’s most vibrant city!

Cu soon …

We’re sitting at Schiphol airport, having a snack, Linda enjoying a latte macchiato, waiting to board our connection flight to Glasgow! Bonnie Scotland, almost within reach now … feels good!


Linda Weis, enjoying her latte machiato at Schiphol Airport!

And so we finally got to Glasgow, late afternoon, bags are unpacked, everything perfect, feels good to be back! Great apartment, two of my friends of Switzerland, Irene and Matthias just arrived, and we our now it’s now off to get ourselves something to eat! After dinner, we’ll move over to the legendary Park Bar, hopefully there’s some live music on tonight!

But afore we go, I’ll add some photographs … aye!

view from our Glasgow appt. @ Tolbooth

on board KLM, before taking off in Luxembourg

Linda Weis disembarking @ Glasgow Airport

… and to finish off the day, we had a nice meal, followed by a couple of drinks at Park Bar in Argyle Street, where I met some old friends, like this chap, Stuart Cassells, who just flew in after a gig in Switzerland today! Seems the piping world is small, sometimes, but a great world to live in!

Stuart Cassells

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