Piping in Glasgow – August 2011!

Well, looks as if a big event is coming up pretty soon, the World Pipe Band Championships 2011 in Glasgow, on 13th August (www.theworlds.co.uk). I definitely want to be part of it, this time! It’s a decision I took last year, when I played at the Pipefest 2010 in Edinburgh, and when I got invited to Glasgow to see Andy Glen’s documentary “Follow me I’m right behind” about a college band on Glasgow Green! A truly unbelievable story, about crazy pipers and drummers led by charismatic Pipe Major Barry Donaldson, veteran of the Strathclyde Police Pipe Band, and current member of the Shotts and Dykehead Pipeband.
It was all there, in that documentary, the music, the people, the pipes, and that tingling sensation … and I felt I should definitely be part of it, very latest this year! On condition, of course, that I meet the requirements to integrate Glasgow’s “College of Piping Training & Development Band”. But that’s what I’ve been working on, long hours of practicing, aiming for the World Pipe Band Championships 2011. I decided this should be one of my biggest challenges ever, and it will be a dream coming true!
And now I’m ready for it, leaving for Glasgow, the vibrant city, and its great people! Looking forward to a fantastic week with pals, my fellow piper Linda and her boyfriend Olivier, our good friends from Switzerland, Andrea and Andrea, yes, there is two of them, Irene and Matthias, and our Drum Major Thomas.
Bags are packed, kilt, sporran, ghillie brogues and all the other stuff, including the mandatory rain cape, yes! Pipes are securely wrapped in, reeds safely stored in piper’s pal … all set and ready to go.
I’ll keep posting updates, including photographs, stay tuned for more excitement, and hopefully great news from the continental pipers, joining the “College of Piping Training & Development Band”, aiming to qualify for the World Pipe Band Championships 2011.
Get back to you soon …

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