Pipefest Normandy 2011 – what is it about?

Pipefest Normandy – June 4th 2011

Follow in the Footsteps of the D-Day Piper


09.00 Colleville-Montgomery – Sword Beach
Parade from the statue of Field Marshall Montgomery to Sword Beach, at the spot where Bill Millin piped the commandos ashore on june 6th 1944, with lines of pipers and drummers on the beach. Then coffee/tea offered by the City Council at a few meters, on the site of the future Memorial. 

10:30 Bénouville & Ranville, Pegasus Bridge
The parade will cross the River Orne and then enter the Pegasus Bridge Museum, going on the genuine bridge which Bill Millin played across under sniper fire. [Lunch]   

15:00 Caen Memorial for Peace short Parade  

17:30 Parade from the castle of William the Conqueror to the City Hall
The pipers and drummers will then have some rest and a dinner inside the Abbaye aux Hommes just beside the City Hall, a fabulous place where William the Conqueror is buried. See the video on http://www.ville-caen.fr/abbayeauxhommes/ 

21:00 to 23:30 inside the Castle, Special Pipefest Reception hosted by the City of Caen   

Pipefest Normandy, June 4th 2011, the place to be that day !

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