Luxembourg City

It is spring over here, finally, after a long and very cold winter! Luckily, and weather permitting, I’m able to cycle through the city of Luxembourg again, with a small digital camera in my pocket. I usually do that, when I’m on my way to work, or on the way back to the railway station, no matter wheter I walk, or ride my bike!

So, a couple of months ago, I decided to keep track of all this. Seams easy, all I got to do is keep my eyes open, and have the camera ready. Just check my Facebook site (, and you will find some interesting views, spots that even many of our local people only recognize after looking at them pictures twice!

To start off, this picture is a more typical view on the old part of Luxembourg City, old downtown, but renovated buidings, all of them beautifully situated!

Njoy the view … and keep an eye on this blog, there’s more to come!

2 responses to “Luxembourg City

  1. häerzlech Gleckwensch, Gilles!
    Elo get et jo richteg spannend, ech frée mech!
    Yes, go on, “KEEP YOUR EYES WIDE OPEN” !

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